Conch Shankha GLD



A brass plated big set of Shankha ( conch), made of solid metal sheet and thick brass plated. A Shankha is basically a conch shell of a large predatory sea snail and is of great importance historically in all Hindu n Buddist rituals. Shankha is a sacred emblem of the Hindu preserver god Vishnu. Its regular use enhance energy inside body and cure chronic breathing and lung problems.
A classic and famous item known to enhance the peace and spiritual sense inside homes.

Item Info

1. Product made of solid metal alloys and brass plating finishng on whole Body
2. Embedeed carving of god Ganesha on the body.
3..Brilliant finish, No any cleaner required to clean, just hand rub with a soft lint free cloth.
4.Flawless design
5. Corrosion and chemical resistant
6. Dimensions is appx 22 cm(L)x 12cm(W)x12cm(H) . Total Weight 520gm.
7. Ideal for home rituals, parayer and spiritaul usage as well as auspecious house warming gift.

Fine Prints

1. Dimensions are approximate.
2. Price is based upon self collection from given address in Singapore. No delivery will be made until requested. Delivery charges are extra.
3. Product can be bought with cash on delivery also,
4. No exchange or refund once product bought and collected in good condition.
5. Please check item upon receiving. Not responsible if any damage happens there after.

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