Fire Crown Sun



Metal sun face in shiny golden finish. Made of solid metal with bright brass polish. Can be mounted on wall.
Sun also known as Surya Deity is a symbol of energy. dispeller of darkness and one who empowers knowledge. Worshipped in many culture across the globe from centuries. Sun Surya is celebrated as a deity in Buddhist artwork too. the sun god Surya travels across the sky in a chariot pulled by either seven horses or a single seven-headed horse

Item Info

1. Product made of solid metal with brass plated body. Inner material is solid metal alloys.
2. Custom and unique design
3. No any cleaner required to clean, just hand rub with a soft lint free cloth.
4.Corrosion and chemical resistant
5. Dimensions appx 12cmX12cm. Weight 80gm.
6. Ideal for home temple d?cor,souvenir or gift.

Fine Prints

1. Dimensions are approximate.
2. Price is based upon self collection from given address in Singapore. No delivery will be made until requested. Delivery charges are extra.
3. Product can be bought with cash on delivery also,
4. No exchange or refund once product bought and collected in good condition.
5. Please check item upon receiving. Not responsible if any damage happens there after.

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