Kaaba Coloured



Beautiful and tempting miniature of adorable Kaaba of Mecca. Used high quality coloured glass and brass metal to enact this miniature of world famous sacred building. Mounted on a robost glassy plateform which shine when light falls and can see multi colours. Mounted also a 360 rotatable reflector Crystal in the shape of Diamond

Item Info

1 Made of high quality coloured glass crystals and metal alloys. Can see different shades of light even without any light.
2. Fine Brass work on selected areas
3. Big diamond shape crystal is rotatable 360 degree and brightly shines when light falls
4. Dimensions appx 1.5cm(W) X8cm(D)X 7cm (H)
Weight appx 480gm. Wt. with Box 550 gms.
5. Ideal for Home Decoration, souvenirs and gifts

Fine Prints

1. Dimensions are approximate.
2. Price is based upon self collection from given address in Singapore. No delivery will be made until requested. Delivery charges are extra.
3. Product can be bought with cash on delivery also,
4. No exchange or refund once product bought and collected in good condition.
5. Please check item upon receiving. Not responsible if any damage happens there after.

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