Shoe Ash Tray



Silver Plated Ash Tray set. Item made of high strength brass sheet.. An ash tray is more than just its function: it exudes the style of a person. Majesty emanates from this miniature royal shoe-shaped ashtray. Its intricate hand-engraving is testament to the effort the artist put into this piece. To top it off, polished metallic silver fiish? ensures this remains presentable indefinitely. A superb workmanship and robust item

Item Info

1. Product made of high quality thick brass metal sheets
2. Silver coating on outer surfaces
3. No any cleaner required to clean, just hand rub with a soft lint free cloth.
4. Deep carving work on entire body making it a peice of art work
5.. Dimensions of each is appx 10cm long and 5cm wide and 5cm in height. Weight 50gm.
6. Ideal for Home Decor,souvenir/ gift.

Fine Prints

1. Dimensions are approximate.
2. Price is based upon self collection from given address in Singapore. No delivery will be made until requested. Delivery charges are extra.
3. Product can be bought with cash on delivery also,
4. No exchange or refund once product bought and collected in good condition.
5. Please check item upon receiving. Not responsible if any damage happens there after.

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