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This is a very common entry-level role with a lot of potential for advancement. In addition, cybersecurity certificate programs can benefit anyone seeking more specialized instruction in network security, digital forensics, risk management, or the legal and ethical challenges of cybersecurity. This education can help professionals advance their cybersecurity careers in their current how to become a security specialist roles or begin obtaining a Master of Science degree. In today’s era of rapidly escalating threats and sophisticated cyber warfare, organizations need to be vigilant in combating attackers and protecting information assets. IT security specialists leverage an in-depth understanding of cyber security threats, technologies and countermeasures to ensure secure computer systems.

There is ample available data on cyber security salaries, with a broad range of findings; however, it’s clear that cyber security careers can be lucrative. A January 2017 article by Steve Morgan at Forbes, based on data from multiple sources, points out that top cyber security salaries in major U.S. metros can reach as much as $380,000 annually. Ways to increase a cybersecurity specialist salary include pursuing higher education, earning a certification, or moving to an area with more cybersecurity jobs.

What Does a Cyber Security Specialist Do?

For the second week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month we break down the myriad of well-paying and rewarding jobs available, and salary data for today’s cyber workforce. And as is the case with any highly specialized role or job position, the supply of cyber security professionals falls short of the current demand. We have listed the top skills, best certifications, and the most sought-after employers for cyber security professionals below. Given the increasing popularity of and demand for cyber security professionals, many colleges and universities have started offering focused degree programs in the subject.

Getting the proper education is the first step to understanding the ropes. Apart from the usual suspects , here are some of the best companies for employees , according to Glassdoor. Cybercrime is an ever-growing threat to private businesses, public organizations, and government agencies and departments. Quickly responding to security breach alerts with apt solutions is imperative in this field. As is the case with any profession, your work experience directly correlates to how much you stand to earn.

Salary by Industry

As businesses focus on enhancing cybersecurity, they will need information security analysts to secure new technologies from outside threats or hacks. A shift to remote work and the rise of e-commerce have increased the need for enhanced security, contributing to the projected employment growth of these workers over the decade. Most entry-level IT security jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in cyber security, information assurance, or a related field of study; these programs typically take 4 years to complete as a full-time student. IT security specialists defend an organization’s data and information systems. Browse the top-reviewed undergrad & graduate degrees, professional certificates, online courses and self-paced training programs matching the IT security specialist education requirements and career path. A cyber security engineer’s salary can vary dramatically depending on the location of the job.

how much does a cyber security specialist make

ERI’scompensation dataare based onsalary surveysconducted and researched by ERI. Get placed as a freelance Cyber Security Specialist in the world’s largest global marketplace. Field Engineer also supports employers in search of skilled professionals. Conduct threat and risk analysis and analyze the business impact of new and existing systems and technologies to eliminate risk, performance, and capacity issues. They implement vulnerability assessments and configure audits of operating systems, web servers, and databases and detect patterns, insecure features, and malicious activities in the infrastructure. The following three sections present information about how the education level of a job applicant can affect the salary they earn. Security specialist — The security specialist maintains a network and upgrades it as needed.

IT Security Specialist Jobs

The security systems administrator is the professional responsible for defending systems against unauthorized access and establishing security requirements for enterprise networks. The average salary for a CISO position is $158,939, and the range is $140,000–$420,000. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cyber security jobs are likely to grow 31% through 2029 – more than seven times faster than the predicted average for other professions. This page includes a summary of what to expect from a typical day on the job as a security specialist. The top-employing states for a career as a security specialist include Virginia, Texas, and California. The average cybersecurity salary for this position falls between $95,000 and $160,000, and they are worth every penny. The 3rd highest-paid cybersecurity job, Application Security Engineers, make on average between $130,000 to $200,000.

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Often, they analyze specific forms of security – a cybersecurity auditor might not look at physical security, for example – but may encompass all of the operational security. Occasionally, security auditors are also tasked with looking for industry and ISO compliance levels and may have mandatory reporting instructions for specific kinds of violations. Security researchers may be on the offensive or the defensive side of the spectrum. They analyze systems, security procedures, threats, malware, and other vectors and study them over time. They may develop industry reports, or company reports, and may work to develop counter-agents, antivirus detection, and prevention protocols, or new intrusion tools, depending on where they work.

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