The difference between the two can help them determine where students fall through the cracks

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Many believe that the factor that will impact education the most that anything else actually the result of the technology used in the online classroom and that is data. The support for students in obtaining a place at the university is among the main factors students seek today in all higher education programs regardless of whether they are in the classroom or online. Big data, In keeping the objective of career growth and advancement in the forefront, or data due to its large volume, students are offered with courses linked to their job within SASTRA University. is produced at a rapid pace when institutions embrace electronic learning tools, Through a partnership together with TCS iON, online textbooks, the university offers students access to numerous job portals, and mobile-based applications. through which students can apply for various well-known companies and businesses. Monitoring student performance and outcomes Monitoring Student Performance and Outcomes: Furthermore, This data is astonishingly useful — it could provide educators and experts with various details about how students engage the curriculum, the TCS assistance means that the applicant gets advantage over other candidates in the interview. how students feel engaged (or disengage) and also the reason the student was either failing or dropped out. A few of the most prestigious companies TCS has a relationship with and that offer student placements are: It can also tell you why a student was disengaged this is a major difference. Placement Partners of TCS & SASTRA Online. Big data also helps uncover knowledge gaps and analyze the intricacies of the performance of students.

The online portal for job opportunities, With the information about essays behaviour and performance we can begin to identify and correct issues; which the SASTRA University students have access to, the content can be altered in real time and steps are taken to assist struggling students, contains a huge amount of the most prestigious firms, which can improve students’ outcomes. companies and MNCs that allow students to investigate their talents and interests in various fields , Without it, and then get the job they want right after having completed their degree. teachers may not realize that when a student is struggling until the time of a test. Is an online degree at SASTRA University VALID? By then the rest of the students have moved on, A lot of students are confused what degree is valid and how it will be when it is they obtain it online and whether the educational institution is mentioned on their certificate. and it could be too late for the one student. The way to complete the training, Improved Performance of the University and Program Numerous universities and companies have utilized big analysis and data to improve. i.e. For example, online mode will be specified in their diplomas. Oral Roberts University wanted to have a more precise and immediate analysis of how their policies and programs affected retention rates.

The online degrees offered from SASTRA University are completely valid and enable students to earn the same amount of attention in both educational and professional areas after having completed the program. As they delved through the data, Because the university holds an accreditation from UGC-DEB for offering fully online degree programs (according to the current rules of UGC-DEB and being a school with an NAAC A+ rating and NIRF ranking of the top 50, clear patterns were evident that allowed them implement new policies that increased retention rates from 61% up to 75.5 percent in one semester. it can offer online classes without the approval of UGC-DEB in addition) and is recognized by institutions such as those of NAAC and NIRF the online degrees are reliable and legitimate.

In the same way, More About SASTRA University Online. Nazareth College in Rochester, Shanmugha Arts, New York, Science, uses big data to examine the complete student experience, Technology and Research Academy, including academic performance and living situations to social interaction and access to support services. well-known in the form of SASTRA (Deemed-to-be) University, It then compares this information with data from the past that has been used to indicate student success. is among the top educational institutions in India founded around 1984. The difference between the two can help them determine where students fall through the cracks. It is located at Thanjavur, The model has been used since its introduction, Tamil Nadu. and Nazareth’s rates of graduation have increased substantially.

It has always received the highest recognition and ranking at the national scale and at the time of writing, Big data could be used to aid us better understand and correct any bias in the curriculum and tests increase admissions and recruitment for students as well as be able to see trends throughout the country and statewide more clear. 2022, Utilizing and misusing Big Data: it’s a NAAC A++ rated university and is among the top 30 institutions as classified by NIRF.

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