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This group of technophiles is more likely to engage in every of digital activity such as browsing, email, messaging and streaming. Technophiles in India skew towards the years demographic to a greater extent than many other surveyed markets, according to the data provided by YouGov. Sales Promotions – Sales promotion can be used to enter into new market segments or lift sales volume temporarily.


It is usually possible to adopt an innovation without principles knowledge, but the danger of misusing the new idea is greater, and discontinuance may result. The long-range competence of individuals to judge future innovations is facilitated by principles knowledge. Awareness – knowledge motivates an individual to seek “how-to” knowledge and principles knowledge. This type of information – seeking is concentrated as the knowledge stage of the innovation – decision process, but it may also occur at the persuasion and decision stages.


The early adopter is considered by many as “the man to check with” before using a new idea. This adopter category is generally sought by change agents to be a local missionary for speeding the diffusion process. Because early adopters are not too far ahead of the average individual in innovativeness, they serve as a role model for many other members of a social system. He is the embodiment of successful and discrete use of new ideas.

What are 3 examples of simple diffusion?

  • A tea bag immersed in a cup of hot water will diffuse into the water and change its colour.
  • A spray of perfume or room freshener will get diffused into the air by which we can sense the odour.
  • Sugar gets dissolved evenly and sweetens the water without having to stir it.

As we know that selling a product to the consumer is very hard and it’s like chewing iron tablets. Our web design services help you in stand out from the crowd, increase your ROI and credibility. Moreover, we may find that no amount of “transparency” and clever marketing will get Fintech over the chasm. In many respects, transparency reinforces the problem (why do we need to know this stuff?).

What is the 40-70 rule of decision making

The survey found that within each country, there was a certain percentage of adopter categories examples identified as “taste setters,” who could determine the success of a product. In China, for example, a key 13 percent of respondents were responsible for dictating the trend of a brand’s success. Engineering Management Society Holds several important lessons for anyone planning the introduction of new ideas in a firm….Introduces the latest and probably some of the best thinking in that area. Here we see that technological innovations are not always diffused and adopted rapidly, even when the innovation has obvious advantages. As the reader may have guessed by now, the present book was typed on a QWERTY keyboard.

Market saturation is not simply a case of having reached all potential consumer of the product in question. In reality sales will usually plateau before all potential user have tried the product. Given that there is a limit to the amount of display space available in a retail outlet, most retailers will seek to carry that assortment of products which maximises the return from the space available. Consequently, they will tend to reduce the space available to slow-moving products and those with low margins in favour of faster-moving products and those with higher margins.

What are the negative impacts of early adopters on new products?

Ans: While early adopters are advantageous to a company’s product, they can also be negative in some cases.

a) Early adopters are less concerned with product limitations and flaws.

b) They are unlikely to be concerned by the product’s price.

c) They are prejudiced.

d) They provide comments that differ from that of others.

Optional decisions can usually be made more rapidly than collective decisions. Although made more rapidly, authority decisions may be circumvented by members of a system during their implementation. In addition to this formal structure among the units in a social system, an informal structure also exists in the interpersonal networks linking a system’s members, tracing who interacts with whom and under what circumstances. We define such communication structure as the differentiated elements that can be recognized in the patterned communication flows in a system. Previously we defined homophily as the degree to which two or more individuals in a system talk with others who are similar to them.

Product Evaluation in Consumer Adoption Process

The composite of all products offered for sale by a firm is called ______. These individuals view an invention with suspicion and only accept it after the bulk of society has done so. Innovativeness is “relative” in the sense that one individual in a social system may have more or less of it than others. Decline stage is the final stage in the Product Life Cycle curve. While this decline may be inevitable,it may still be possible for companies to make some profit by switching to less expensive production methods and cheaper markets. They also need to considerany product modifications or improvements to the production process which might give them a competitive advantage.

This is the ultimate stage of new product development that occurs when a company’s management determines a product concept to be in keeping with the company’s aims and gives the go-ahead for development. It’s a chance to learn what customers want, whether or not it’s possible to supply the product, and how. New product development, in other words, is the process by which an idea becomes a functioning piece of software.


As the market approaches saturation so the growth rate slows down until eventually it stabilises at a sales level equivalent to the replacement rate together with any natural growth in market size due to increases in population. Usually this is the longest single phase of the life cycle and will normally be proportionate to the length of the gestation/introduction phase. That this should be so is logical in that the very forces which accelerate or delay the acceptance of a new product invariably hasten or delay its decline. Farmers were assigned to adopter categories on the basis of when they adopted the new seed . Compared to later adopters, the innovators had larger-sized farms, higher incomes, and more years of formal education. The innovators were also more cosmopolite, as measured by their number of trips to Des Moines, Iowa’s largest city, located about seventy-five miles from the two study communities.

How Amazon Is Using AI To Better Understand Customer Search Queries

Thus mandatorily redeemable preferred shares and puttable shares that may have been classified as equity under previous GAAP would be reclassified as liabilities in the opening IFRS balance sheet. Note that IFRS 1 makes an exception from the “split-accounting” provisions of IAS 32. IFRS 1 First-time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards sets out the procedures that an entity must follow when it adopts IFRSs for the first time as the basis for preparing its general purpose financial statements. This chapter has briefly reviewed selected attempts to relax the seven major assumptions of the basic diffusion models set forth in Chapter 2.

  • The second wave make up 17 per cent of the Indian online population while discerning customers make up another 20 per cent.
  • When new ideas are invented, diffused, and adopted or rejected, leading to certain consequences, social change occurs.
  • As such, the models presented in this chapter complement those in Chapter 3.
  • All three sources are subject to pollution at all times and show contamination whenever tested.
  • It is very clear that demographic factors like age and gender has no association with the mode of online payment / transfer for those online purchased goods, since the F-value of each is more than 0.05.
  • Late Majority Individuals in this stage will adopt an innovation after the average members of the society have been adopted.

Change agents usually introduce innovations into a client system that they expect will have consequences that will be desirable, direct, and anticipated. But often such innovations result in at least some unanticipated consequences that are indirect and undesirable for the system’s members. For instance, the steel ax was introduced by missionaries to an Australian aborigine tribe . The change agents intended that the new tool would raise levels of living and material comfort for the tribe. But the new technology also led to a breakdown in family structure, the rise of prostitution, and “misuse” of the innovation itself. Change agents can often anticipate and predict an innovation’s form, the directly observable physical appearance of the innovation, and perhaps its function, the contribution of the idea to the way of life of the system’s members.

They will be engaged with providing marketing material, evidence, reviews from Opinion Leaders and case studies to means how it works. Hence, while promoting an innovation, there are different strategies used to appeal to the different adopter categories. The individuals in this category take a lot of time to adopt new technology. They are the ones who will do research because they are sceptical of innovation.

What are early vs late adopters?

The late majority is typically older, less affluent, and less educated than the early segments in the technology adoption lifecycle. The early adopters and the early majority are younger, more familiar with technology in general, and value it enough to spend the money at an early stage.

Thus first time diffusion of innovation was studied in rural context. Diffusion of Innovation has been applied to numerous contexts since then; marketing, city development, medical sociology, health science, health promotion, research, knowledge management, and many complex areas. Diffusion of Innovation has particularly been used to large extent in the field of medical sciences, medical technique and health communication.

Steps Involved in New Product Development 2023

An individual purchases a record player on the request of his wife who are actual user and he is one of them, then he is also a buyer. However, there is a need for proof that innovation works before innovation is implemented in this category. They do not participate in as many activities outside the community as do people that adopt earlier.

marketing strategy

In recent years, gradual improvements in info, computing, communication and connectivity applied sciences have enabled new technical possibilities for the adoption of Chatbots throughout numerous sectors. When coping with the assorted stages of the innovation adoption process as indicated in Tables 3 and 4. Early adopters are a extra integrated part of the native system than are innovators. A communication channel is the means by which messages get from one individual to another. Most individuals evaluate an innovation not on the basis of scientific research by experts but through the subjective evaluations of near peers who have adopted the innovation.

Google employees work on self-directed initiatives for 20% of their time . Both companies cite these backside-up processes as major sources for brand new products and options. As a end result, organizations could incorporate users in focus groups , work carefully with so known as lead customers or customers might adapt their merchandise themselves. The lead person methodology focuses on idea generation based on leading users to develop breakthrough improvements.

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